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So maybe you heard that Bob's Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Blue Band went on an indefinite hiatus starting the middle of January 2018. Well, you heard right!  Although they have not totally ruled out a few Reunion Shows, nothing is planned and no offers have been received.

Altho' The Blue Band has stopped, the monthly bills have not! The Blue 2 (Bob Dorr and Jeff Petersen, the last two original Blue Banders) still needs to make a living playing music! Please consider all the other bands Bob and Jeff currently have going for town celebrations, neighborhood gatherings, corporate functions, casino stages, wineries, garage/deck parties, and bars/nightspots.

The Blue 2: Both members are twice inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and individually inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. Jeff Petersen-guitar/vocals; Bob Dorr-drums/harmonica/vocals. The song list comes from 40 years of playing music together. Blues, Rockabilly, Americana, even a country song and maybe an old Blue Band song or three! Jammers welcome to sit in. Jokes and laughter are a mainstay of each performance. This band is willing to travel a few hundred miles from its base in Cedar Falls/Waterloo. The Blue 2 can deliver all necessary sound equipment for a crowd of up to 200. Price, always negotiable, generally $300-$600 depending on travel time/if we do sound/length of performance time/ and if you'll feed us! The Blue 2 has had many successes at Tabor Home Winery and were invited by The South Skunk Blues Society to be the between-band entertainment for the 2018 Bowlful of Blues Festival. They have also appeared at Botanical Blues Celebration, Des Moines Botanical Gardens; and co-host the Parlor City Pub Jam in Cedar Rapids on the final Tuesday of every month.Please feel free to contact any of these venues for recommendations/insight. See The Blue 2 performance of Wayfaring Stranger on Iowa Public Television's 9/11 Commemorative show a few years ago.

Bob Dorr's Limestoners have hosted the Thursday Night Blues Jam in the Cedar Valley (Cedar Falls/Waterloo) for over three years, starting on August 25, 2016 at The Limestone Lounge in Waterloo (hence the Limestoner name) and adds Blue Band bass player Doug Norton to the above described Blue 2 mix of blues, rockabilly, Americana, soul, and country music. All three members sing. Many times The Limestoners add a fourth person to the group. Blue Band sax players Nolan Schroeder and Eddie McKinley are frequent fourth player additions. Blue Band singer Cathy Henry Rohlf has also been part of Limestoner shows. In addition to the Thursday night jams in Waterloo, The Limestoners have been part of The Music In The Junction Celebration in West Des Moines; National Trails Day, White Rock Conservancy, Coon Rapids IA; Byron's Street Dance, Pomeroy IA; Rollin' On The River Blues Festival, Keokuk IA; The East Grove Farms Music Festival; Annual April Fools Bike Ride; Riverside Casino Show Lounge; Music In The Park Concert Series, Hills IA;  Sturgis Falls Days, Gateway Park, Cedar Falls; Grimes Farms and Conservation Area, Outdoor Amphitheater, Marshalltown IA; Cedar Valley Arboretum fundraiser and other festivals. Price: $400-$1200 depending on how many players you'd like in the band/travel time and expenses/if we need to supply a sound system/ and if you'll feed us! Stop out and join the fun and feel free to contact any of these festivals and nightclubs for recommendations. The recordings Isn't It Sweet, What Love'll Make You Do, and Drugs, Drugs, Drugs (cuts 1, 2 & 3 on the playlist at bottom of this page) are from The Limestoner's appearance at the Iowa Public Radio Friends Blues Blowout at Electric Park Ballroom, Waterloo, January 2017 (Blue Band fans might recognize the songs!)





BlueMississippi (correct spelling) is the combination of the two original Blue Banders, Bob and Jeff, and the two original members of Iowa Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Mississippi Band, Dave Hummel and Cricket Davis. The band is the classic two guitars, bass, and drums instrumentation (with Bob and Dave occasionally playing harmonica) with all four singing. Music ranges from classic 60s blues to Americana favorites to occasional original songs. This band is willing to travel a few hundred miles from home (Bob and Jeff live in Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Dave and Cricket live in the Dubuque area) and can deliver a sound system for an event ranging up to 500 people. Price: $500-$1500 depending on travel time and expenses/if we need to supply a sound system/ and if you'll feed us! Cuts 4, 5, 6 & 7 in the playlist, Statesboro Blues, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, She's About A Mover and Boppin' The Blues were done at the 2018 Iowa Public Radio Friends Blues Blowout at Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo.  


The Parlor City Jam Band is comprised of four Iowa Blues Hall of Fame inductees, Bob Dorr-drums/harp/vocals, Jeff Petersen guitar/vocals, Dan (DJ) Johnson-bass/vocals, and Tommy 'T-Bone' Giblin-organ/piano . This band is the host of the Parlor City Pub Tuesday night jam in Cedar Rapids (hence the band's name) on the final Tuesday of every month. Playlist is always impromptu with blues, Americana, country, and originals all in the mix. This band rarely travels more than 75 miles from DJ and T-Bone's home base in Cedar Rapids. Price $500-$1000 based on travel time and expenses/if we need to supply a sound system/ and if you'll feed us!    


Four or five times a year, including The Iowa State Fair, Waterloo Center For The Arts RiverLoop Music Series, and The Tabor Winery Harvest Celebration, Bob has presented many of these bands plus other Iowa musicians for Bob Dorr's Iowa Music Revue. Price $1200-2500, based on how many of these bands (and friends) you'd like to include. Feel free to contact Tonya Cook at the Iowa State Fair or Martha Tabor at Tabor Winery for recommendations. 

One last note on Blue Band availability. Right before the band went on for the last time, Bob told the band to have fun because it was likely the last time The Blue Band would ever play. Someone shouted out, "But Bob, what if someone offers us a whole GOB of money?!" His answer was "well, we'd need to know where and when to show up!"

Bob says: I have spent my entire adult career being a small-time band leader and weekend Public Radio announcer. That does not add up to a bank account of someone who can afford to retire. Plain and simple, I need work to pay those on-going bills! Please contact me if any (or all) of these groups can fit into your entertainment needs. 319-277-4007