Book the Band

So maybe you heard that The Blue Band is going on an indefinite hiatus starting the middle of January 2018. You heard right! But we want to book as many dates as possible until then. We have many prime Holiday dates open for corporate/private parties, festivals, neighborhood celebrations, casino and nightclub showcases through the end of 2017. Let's do this one more time for YOUR year-end celebration!

Of all the jobs that I do for The Blue Band, booking the group seems to be the most difficult and my least favorite. Pricing the jobs often is the toughest part. Many of us derive our biggest portion of yearly income from playing in the band. This isn't a hobby. It's our livelihood. We have members of the band from Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown and Des Moines. There are always road expenses involved no matter where we play. All of the players in the group are among the state of Iowa's premiere players at the instrument they play. Many of them are inducted members of various regional music halls of fame.

We do a really good job of keeping our web tour calendar as up to date as possible, so you can find out the availability of the date you have in mind on the tour schedule page of this website. Most nightclub dates are "moveable" if your party HAS to be on one of those dates. Price is a little trickier. We can do a 6-8 piece version of the group (we prefer 6). We can supply all necessary sound and lights (Pro Bose sound system) and a technician to run it for a crowd of up to 3000. We normally think in terms of supplying 150 minutes of music (either three 50-minute shows or two 75-minute shows) within a three to three and a half hour time span.

We are available seven days a week, Saturdays are generally the most in demand, consequently, the most expensive. Mid-week days are the least expensive. We currently maintain a direct mail list of over 4000 names. These addresses can be called by zip code if you are interested in promoting your date to specific audiences. We currently maintain an email list of around 500 names that get an email message from us periodically in order to help promote our appearances. Bob Dorr and The Blue Band has over 2500 Facebook followers.

How much does it cost???? Truth is, it's all negotiable. We generally start at a figure of $1500 and go up or down from there. Negotiable points are: the number of players you want to do the job; will you supply the sound system or will we; will you feed us; can you supply motel rooms if necessary; the amount of travel involved (the equipment truck gets 9.5 MPG); how long do you want us to play; have you been coming out 5 times a year for 10 years (we love to play private parties of long time supporters of the band and consequently adjust the price to make that happen!); will we play later than midnight (early nights are less expensive than playing til 2am!);  I'm sure you can think of many other reasons why we should play your event for less money! I know I can come up with a few reasons why we ought to get more money! Once again, EVERYTHING we do is negotiable. Call or email me and let's try to work something out! 319-277-4007 

For those on a more limited budget, Jeff Petersen and I (the two original Blue Band guys) do a duo (The Blue 2) in the range of $250-500. That duo was part of Iowa Public Television's ten year remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy. We also do a trio with Blue Band bass player Doug Norton. This group (The Iowa Blues All-Stars) plays every Thursday night, 7-10p at Bryan's on 4th (320 E. 4th St. Waterloo) in case you'd like to check us out. Jeff and I have also teamed up with the two original members of Iowa Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame band The Mississippi Band (Dave Hummel and Cricket Davis) for a cool quartet (I'm the drummer in that band!) called BlueMississippi. We also do a quartet with two other Iowa Blues Hall of Fame inductees, Dan Johnson and Tommy 'T-Bone' Giblin, the final Tuesday of every month at the Parlor City Pub in Cedar Rapids. Please consider all these acts for your entertainment needs as we head into 2018.

We do anticipate playing 3 or 4 dates a year with The Blue Band, but no more touring around every week. We will begin booking those few Blue Band shows starting in the spring of 2018. Thank you for considering booking our bands. We need the work. Make us an offer we can't refuse!

Bob Dorr

Oh, and one more thing! We have done many, many, many fundraisers over the years, but seldom a benefit. At fundraisers, we are paid a fee, benefits are done gratis. We do not do political events for free. Any appearance at political rallys/fundraisers are done for a negotiated fee. (we've done appearances at political functions for everyone from Steve Forbes to Al Gore to Jim Nussle). Individually everyone in the band has their opinions, but we do not collectively endorse candidates.

See a video of The Blue Band.

Over the years, The Blue Band has played in all of the following places. Feel free to contact any of them for recommendations:

Cedar Falls JayCees Live To 9 Party-Cedar Falls IA
Cedar Rapids Freedom Fest-Cedar Rapids, IA
Clear Lake 4th of July Celebration-Clear Lake IA
Dubuque Arts Council Summer Arboretum Series-Dubuque, IA
FB & Co-Waubeek, IA
Grinnell Area Arts Fundraiser-Grinnell, IA
Historic Valley Junction Up In Smoke BBQ Competition-West Des Moines, IA
Hotel Fort Des Moines New Year's Bash-Des Moines, IA
Indie Brew-B-Q Celebration-Independence IA
Iowa Community Action Conference-Des Moines IA
The Iowa Gala/Iowa Arts Fundraiser-Des Moines IA
Iowa State Association of Counties Convention-Des Moines, IA
Iowa State Fair-Des Moines, IA
IPTV Living in Iowa Blues Music Special
Jake's Game Room-Marshalltown IA
KUNI Blues Blowout-Waterloo, IA
Mississippi Moon Bar-Dubuque IA
My Waterloo Days-People In The Park-Waterloo, IA
New Bo Fest-Cedar Rapids IA
Osceola 4th of July Celebration-Osceloa IA
Ottumwa Savings Bank "Live After Five"-Ottumwa, IA
Parlor City Grill-Cedar Rapids IA
REMAX Weekend at the Park-Okoboji, IA
Riverside Casino-Riverside IA
South Skunk Bowlful of Blues Celebration-Newton, IA
Spirit of Dubuque Riverboat Ride-Dubuque IA
Sturgis Falls Days-Cedar Falls, IA
Sundown Lounge-Williamsburg, IA
Surf Ballroom-Clear Lake, IA
Tabor Family Winery Anniversary Party-Baldwin, IA
Thursdays In The Park-Grinnell, IA
Uptown Getdown-Marion IA
Waterloo Bar-B-Q-loo Celebration-Waterloo IA
Waterloo Center For The Arts Riverloop Concert Series-Waterloo IA
Wayne McCracken Memorial Concert Series-Des Moines IA
Wells Fargo Street Festival-Davenport, IA